For those already a member of Sojuela Golf Club, they would always say that we offer only the best Membership and Membership Rates. This show a 25% increase of non-members turned members in just 2018 alone. Perks and discounts are given to our guests and becoming a member will give you more privilege.

Membership fees can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually.

The Membership Card has three levels

  • Stone Membership
  • Bronze Membership
  • Iron Membership

To apply for the membership, the applicant must visit the website and click on the membership tab to download the membership form. Qualification includes a referral from a member and must read the Terms and Conditions. The applicant is also asked to write the reason why they want to be a member consisting of up to 50 words. Applicants can send their form through email at or send through mail at 24th Calahan Street, North Hills, Los Angeles California 91343.


Stone Membership $2,500 annually/ $250 Monthly fee
Bronze Membership $3,500 annually/$350 Monthly fee
Iron Membership $4,500 annually/ $450 Monthly fee
Children Below 15 Years old 15% discount all membership
Senior Citizen 15% discount all membership

Golf Club Amenities and Benefits

  • Unlimited access to golf club amenities vary depending on the level of membership
  • Discounted tournament fees and perks
  • All members are entitled to perks every end of the month
  • Food and Beverages are free; limited access to clubhouse and pool for stone members while Bronze and Iron members can have unlimited access to the clubhouse
  • Available private functions (for Iron members only)
  • Monthly group activities for all members with games and perks
  • Free golf carts use twice a year
  • Pro Shop discounts for all members (items vary)
  • Guest up to 2 are free for Bronze Members while Iron members can bring up to 4 guests for free