If you’re into the adventure of looking for the best golf club in Los Angeles, then Sojuela Golf Club is the place you’ve been looking for. Our golf club is located just in the right place of comfort and convenience. The place is surrounded by trees and at the same time fronting the long coastline of LA. The air is arguably fresh with cold air swiftly flowing towards the north.

The wind did not stop the architect and designer from building the world-class golf club. Although it was a bit of challenge, the result is jaw-dropping. The yardage is large and surrounded by trees. Green grass dominates the whole yard with a view overlooking the sea. You will experience the forest while the breathtaking sea view is just at the tip of your hand.

The expansion of the golf club is the best decision we have made so far. The additional 9 holes will surely double the guest it caters to. Additional parking lots are also part of the expansion, as well as small labyrinth garden maze in which most kids love to play and enjoy. It also features sculptures from the 19th century. That said, our upgraded amenities will give you another reason why Sojuela Golf Club known to be the best club today.