Here at Sojuela Golf Club, we believe that a good set of game equipment means being the best. Aside from the complete amenities we provide, we also repair if there is any damage.

 Golf Amenities

Headed by 2016 Professional Golf Tournament Champion Mark Hower, each equipment and apparel are partnered with only the best manufacturers. If you’re looking for Bridgestone, Callaway, Nike, Mizuno, and many more, you wouldn’t have to drop sweat in finding it. Aside from that, we provide discounts for Senior Citizen patrons and other occasional discounts, just for you.

Equipment Repairs

You should not be driving far just to get your golf gear fix. Here in our Pro Shop, we have Gary and Meg that can help you fix your golf equipment. We strive for only what’s best for our guests. Repair fee is discounted for members while non-members will have a fixed repair fee.