Annual Golf Tournament in Autumn

The Annual Golf Tournament held during autumn of each year has chosen Sojuela Golf Club to be the host of this year’s inter-tournament competition. The battle of best of the best will increase the number of patrons and entice them to join and watch the contest. Some patrons will come over from the fishing lake next to the course. Our very own Jameson Anderson will represent Sojuela Golf Club as its best player and will compete with different players across America. In line with this, Sojuela Golf Club has also organized a mini-…

Ongoing Event

Since 2015, we have been organizing a tournament for our existing golf club members, new moms, and the number of participants has gradually increased. The theme will be home decor. Together with the California Golf Club Association (CGCA), the 2019 week tournament have so far gathered many participants including those non-member-turned-members. Special discounts are offered and perks are awarded to the winners….